How to find a good family lawyer in Kyiv?


A certified lawyer whose specialization is family law, or simply a family lawyer, becomes necessary when something goes wrong in the family.


People connected by kinship or legalized personal ties (marriage) cannot constructively agree among themselves.

To protect their rights, they need legal assistance from the state and society. As a rule, we are talking about property and related non-property relations.


Family law attorneys are responsible for issues regulating:

  • marriage and divorce
  • maintenance and upbringing of joint children
  • custody of children left without parental care and incompetent relatives
  • any disputed property relations between relatives and spouses


If you have a trial on one of these issues, you will need one hundred percent consultation with a family lawyer!


The consulting company ONESTEP Consulting will not only willingly give it to you, but also offer a qualified lawyer to accompany the process.

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What are the functions of a family lawyer? How is a lawyer useful?

In practice, almost 90% of family disputes are somehow connected with a failed marriage relationship.


No special legal knowledge and lawyers are needed to get married. Naturally, no one wants to think about how housing, property, responsibility for the maintenance of future children will be divided if a harmonious family does not work out.


Even marriage contracts, which many young people nevertheless sign in an effort to conform to the spirit of the times, are usually formal in nature. Even in this case, not everyone needs the services of a family lawyer – the couple simply downloads the template they like from the Internet and certifies it with a notary.


If divorce does become inevitable, it turns out that people who no longer love each other find it difficult to agree on concerted action.


During a divorce, the following issues should be resolved:

  • how fair and to mutual satisfaction to share jointly acquired property, and sometimes common credit obligations
  • with whom the children will stay after the divorce, and how the second parent will communicate with them, take part in the upbringing
  • how alimony will be paid


Emotions and difficult communication interfere with the calm and balanced resolution of all these issues for divorcing spouses. It is clear that once people get divorced, their relationship leaves much to be desired.


A good family lawyer in Kyiv, who has taken over the protection of your rights, will approach the divorce proceedings professionally and impartially.


First of all, with the help of a lawyer, you can conduct mediation – the process of out-of-court settlement of disputes. And find a solution that suits both sides.


In addition, the lawyer is well versed in the nuances of Ukrainian family law.


This means that he will be able to suggest ways out of even the most difficult and confusing situations that can be encountered when:

  • divorce
  • division of property
  • the appointment of alimony
  • determining the place of residence and the procedure for communicating with children
  • challenging paternity or maternity
  • deprivation of parental rights
  • appointment of guardianship
  • drawing up a marriage contract


And of course, the list of services of a family lawyer includes the collection and correct execution of all documents for the court: claims, petitions, appeals, etc.


Benefits of consulting a family lawyer at ONESTEP Consulting

People come to ONESTEP Consulting with the most difficult family issues. And they highly appreciate the quality of our assistance.


In dealing with clients, our family lawyers demonstrate:

  • individual approach
  • professionalism and thorough understanding of the legal framework
  • good faith
  • interest in achieving the result
  • flexible pricing policy


The question “How to find a good family lawyer in Kyiv?” has an answer.


Contact ONESTEP Consulting and our family lawyers will do their best to protect your rights in any family dispute.

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