How to get an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine?


The influx of tourists, students, investors, the growth of international trade relations affects the number of foreign citizens in Ukraine.


For a foreigner to open a business, study at a university, buy real estate or work on the territory of Ukraine, it is necessary to issue an ITN for a foreigner.


Today it will not be difficult to obtain an identification tax code for foreigners in Ukraine.


Why do you need an identification code for a foreigner in Ukraine?

Registration of a tax identification number is a necessary requirement for legal actions in the country.



ITN for foreigners is required in the following cases:

  • Obtaining banking services and full use of the account for conducting transactions in national or foreign currency, securities;
  • Property purchases;
  • Procedures for certification of documents, signing of contracts, the conclusion of transactions and their notarization, in which a foreign citizen is involved;
  • Receiving any type of income, calculating payments, employment in Ukraine;
  • Inheritance.


Correctly executed documents increase the chance to get the taxpayer code in Ukraine as quickly as possible.


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The procedure for submitting documents for obtaining an ITN by foreigners has some features and requirements for registration in accordance with legal norms:

– Documents must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized;

– The procedure is carried out at the place of registration of residence;

– A copy of the passport or identity document of a foreign citizen with all the marks of entry into the country is submitted;

– A package of documents can be submitted by a legal representative acting on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.


ITN for a foreigner is a simple registration mechanism, the main rule of which is a correctly completed package of documents and a competently executed translation, in compliance with all linguistic standards.


Benefits of working with ONESTEP CONSULTING

For many years of fruitful work, our company has established itself as a reliable partner and has built productive close contact with clients.


ONESTEP CONSULTING provides a full range of services for obtaining ITN for foreigners:

  • Experienced specialists draw up the documentation correctly, fill out all related documents in accordance with the rules of legal legislation and without making mistakes;
  • Legal support, advice, and recommendations for obtaining ITN for foreigners;
  • Full reporting in real-time, continuous communication throughout the entire registration process.


The specialists of ONESTEP CONSULTING are demanding about all changes in-laws and are guided by legal norms and rules for processing documents for assigning an identification code to foreigners.


We guarantee correctly executed certificates and translations for quick entry of data into the state register.


Each application is considered individually and is processed at the lowest cost, in accordance with the market value of services and government fees.

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