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The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: to train highly qualified foreign specialists who can solve complex specialized problems and solve practical problems in the field of audiovisual art and production, involving the application of a system of methods of theory, the history of audiovisual art and production.

The training program for foreign specialists who came to study abroad is guided by modern professional and scientific achievements in the field of audiovisual art, takes into account the specifics of the work of specialists in the audiovisual sphere, in modern conditions, focuses on current areas in which the student defines a professional and scientific career.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who come to study abroad, aimed at methods and techniques for creating individual components and, in general, audiovisual works of various forms, genres and types, in terms of content and size necessary to achieve the goals of the program.

Specialists who have been educated abroad in Ukraine in the area of “audiovisual art and production”, owning methods and techniques for creating individual components and, in general, audiovisual works of various forms, genres and types.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Audiovisual Art and Production”, foreign students receive the educational level of higher education: Bachelor of Audiovisual Art and Production.

Qualification in the diploma is specialist in audiovisual art and production.

After passing training abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • Create and implement their own artistic concepts in creative and production activities;
  • To observe, select, distinguish, it is typologically expedient to compose, purposefully form and use the informational, expressive, figurative level of the audiovisual work;
  • To carry out professional activities using modern achievements of the theory and methodology of audiovisual art and production;
  • Interpret the artistic image by audiovisual means;
  • Collect, analyze, synthesize artistic information and apply it in practice;
  • Carry out screenwriting / production / directorial / camera / sound production activities in the field of audiovisual art and production;
  • Apply traditional and alternative innovative technologies of cinema, creatively production activities;
  • To possess the methods and techniques of directorial and cameraman creative and production activities in the creation of audiovisual works;
  • To possess the methods and skills of working with installation equipment and software;
  • Generate new ideas for embodiment them into an audiovisual work;
  • Create a dramatic concept and script for audiovisual works of various types, genres, styles;
  • To provide expressiveness in the embodiment of the author’s intention of an audiovisual work;
  • Draw up production documentation;
  • To possess methods and skills of working with filming and lighting machinery and equipment;
  • To possess methods and skills of working with sound recording and reproducing machinery and equipment.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can borrow the following positions:

  • movie director;
  • director of a fiction, documentary, popular science, advertising, educational video film;
  • television news director;
  • director of documentary television programs;
  • directors of art and production programs;
  • music video director;
  • the chief director of the channel, studio;
  • cameraman;
  • tv video operator of information programs;
  • TV operator;
  • announcer and anchor of informational, journalistic and artistic television programs;
  • screenwriter of documentary, feature films and television.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in organizations, institutions of the audiovisual sphere:

  • movie studios;
  • TV studios;
  • radio studios;
  • editions;
  • professional production groups and organizations.

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