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The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: training of highly qualified foreign specialists capable of practical activity, capable of carrying out economic, analytical, research and organizational and management activities in the field of economics and management, evaluating the activity of business entities, predicting its future.

Preparation of foreign specialists educated abroad, who have received basic professional knowledge to perform professional tasks and duties of applied nature in the field of economics, ability for production and scientific activity.

Specialists after studying abroad in the field of industrial design, capable of providing effective management of commercial and non-commercial organizations, public authorities and local self-government, civil society institutions, public associations, scientific and educational institutions.

International students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing a full course, may take up positions:

  • Economist;
  • Economist accountant;
  • Economist, financier;
  • Financier;
  • Planning manager;
  • Strategic Development Manager;
  • Head of Department;
  • Head of Sector;
  • Director;
  • Business analytics in financial institutions;
  • Consultant on ERP-systems in different spheres: production, personnel management, finance, marketing, logistics, etc.;
  • Project manager;
  • Analytics in an audit firm;
  • Specialist in information systems;
  • Database Administrator;
  • Consultant in the development and maintenance of corporate information systems.

After completing training abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in:

  • Functional subdivisions of enterprises of all forms of ownership and organizational and legal forms;
  • State structures;
  • Production enterprises;
  • Trade enterprises;
  • National companies;
  • International holding companies;
  • Consulting companies;
  • Investment companies;
  • Banking institutions.

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