Construction and civil engineering


The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: the training of highly qualified foreign specialists who have the knowledge to solve complex specialized problems and practical problems in the design and construction of buildings, engineering structures and systems, the manufacture of building structures, operation and reconstruction of construction projects.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students who come to study abroad, aimed at mastering knowledge and practical skills in the field of construction and civil engineering.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Construction and Civil Engineering”, foreign students receive the educational level of higher education: Bachelor of Construction.

Qualification in a diploma is specialist in the field of construction.

After completing education abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • Work with geodetic devices and use topographic materials in the design and construction of construction projects and engineering networks
  • Create and use technical documentation;
  • Use knowledge of manufacturing technology, technical characteristics of modern building materials, products and structures, be able to effectively use them in the design and construction of construction projects;
  • Development of space-planning solutions for buildings and their use for further design;
  • To assess and take into account climatic, engineering-geological and environmental features of the construction area when designing and constructing construction objects;
  • Determine and assess the load and stress-strain state of soil bases and load-bearing structures of building;
  • Development of constructive solutions for construction projects on the basis of knowledge of the nomenclature and structural forms, the ability to calculate and construct load-bearing and enclosing building structures;
  • Development and assessment of technical solutions for engineering networks;
  • Development of a rational organization and management of construction production during the construction, operation, repair and reconstruction of facilities, taking into account labor protection requirements;
  • Design of buildings and structures for industrial and civilian using prefabricated and monolithic reinforced concrete, metal, stone and wooden structures;
  • Calculation and design of load-bearing structures and joints of reinforced concrete, stone, metal and wooden structures;
  • Analyze the properties of base soils, choose and design economic foundations of various types, taking into account the interaction of building structures with each other and with a heterogeneous natural or artificial soil environment with different loads;
  • Designing organizational and technological solutions for the construction of buildings and structures, possession a base of modern technologies for construction production and the ability to introduce them into practical activities, taking into account technical and economic indicators;
  • Apply the basic theories, methods and principles of mathematical and natural sciences in the field of professional activity;
  • Develop and assess technical solutions for engineering networks.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can borrow the following positions:

  • Technician Designer;
  • Construction technician;
  • Design engineer;
  • Civil engineer.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in:

  • Design, scientific construction organizations;
  • Units for architecture and urban planning in government and local government;
  • Public organizations in the construction sector.

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