The purpose of studying abroad in Ukraine: training specialists, who received education abroad, have an understanding of the nature and functions of journalism; speak the language of social and communication discourse; apply the provisions of the theory of journalism in various areas of social relations.

The emphasis of the educational program is on the formation of the ability to apply the acquired knowledge, skills, and understanding in humanities, fundamental and profession-oriented disciplines to solve the typical tasks of journalism activities.

The specialists after studying abroad in the field of journalism are capable of carrying out general scientific and special methods of cognition of social and communicative phenomena, possess literary style techniques, define their place in the process of formation through the press, radio, television of modern historical and political culture; be guided in the conceptual and categorical apparatus of methodology of journalism research.

Use tools and equipment: modern information and communication equipment, information resources and software products used in journalist’s activities.

After studying abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Journalism”, foreign students receive an educational level of higher education:

  • Bachelor of Journalism;
  • Qualification in the diploma – journalist.

Specialists of the industry after studying abroad in Ukraine are able to perform such professional duties:

  • To understand the actual problems of sociology of public opinion, to be able to take them into account when researching the content of social communications, to make proposals for changes in the principles of social informatics and information policy;
  • Formulate and solve complex problems of the sociology of public opinion;
  • To understand the principles of policy functioning, the peculiarities of political systems functioning;
  • To form information and communication strategies in professional activities;
  • To establish links to achieve results;
  • Knowledge of communication tactics and strategies, laws and ways of communicative behaviour, laws and ways of interpersonal interaction;
  • Make an informed decision, choose the ways and strategies of communication to ensure effective teamwork, interpersonal interaction;
  • Form the content, structure and conclusions of news reports;
  • Use regulatory and legal acts that regulate professional activities;
  • Identify sources and understand the methodology of definition and methods of obtaining information, collect and analyze the necessary information;
  • To communicate the public and social position; to use normative and legal acts regulating the professional activity; to identify sources and understand the methodology of definition and methods of obtaining information; to collect and analyze the necessary information; to communicate the public and social position;
  • To act in a socially responsible and conscious manner based on ethical motives, respect for diversity of opinions, individual and intercultural differences of people.

International students who have come to study abroad in Ukraine may hold positions after completing a full course:

  • Literary editor;
  • Television journalist;
  • Correspondent;
  • Copywriter;
  • Web Content of an Internet Publishing Manager;
  • Press secretary;
  • PR-manager;
  • SMM-manager;
  • Editor-in-chief of TV programs;
  • Directors of radio and television programs;
  • Head of Advertising, Public Relations;
  • Journalist of the rewriter;
  • Editor-translator;
  • TV and radio program presenter;
  • Director of Radio and TV Programs;
  • Head of Advertising Department;
  • Reiterator Journalist;
  • Translator-Editor;
  • TV and Radio Program Presenter.


After completing training abroad in Ukraine, a specialist can work in the field:

  • Journalism;
  • Social Communications;
  • Scientific, literary and publishing industries;
  • Print and electronic mass media;
  • PR-agencies;
  • Foundations, unions, funds of humanitarian direction;
  • Museums, art and cultural centres.

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