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The purpose of study abroad in Ukraine: training of foreign specialists, who received education abroad, able to effectively perform professional activities that involve solving complex specialized and practical problems associated with the development, application, production, processing and testing of metal, non-metallic composite and functional materials and products based on them, characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of conditions with the use of methods of physics, chemistry and mechanical engineering.

The main focus of the educational program for foreign students, who came to study abroad, is based on the formation of professional knowledge about the phenomena and processes associated with the formation of structure and properties of metallic, non-metallic, composite and functional materials, technologies of their production, processing and operation.

Creation and application of new materials, the influence of conditions of obtaining and various factors on their structure, physical, chemical, technological, operational and other properties and characteristics, methods of managing the properties of materials on the basis of ideas on theoretical mechanics, physics and chemistry of solids, structural analysis, phase transformation, thermal impact, doping, surface and capillary phenomena in the creation of materials with the necessary set of operational characteristics.

Professionals after training abroad in materials science, able to master the methods:

  • of analysis;
  • synthesis;
  • scientific forecasting;
  • theoretical and experimental methods;
  • methods of research of tasks in the subject area;
  • mathematical and physical modelling;
  • structural studies;
  • physical, mechanical, functional, technological properties.

Foreign students, after studying abroad, are able to possess modern methods and technologies of organizational, information, marketing, legal support of production and scientific research, processing of test results, production, diagnostics and construction in the field of materials science.

Specialists of the industry after studying abroad in Ukraine are able to perform such professional duties:

  • Solve complex specialized tasks and problems related to the development, application, production and testing of metal, non-metal and composite materials and products based on them;
  • To apply corresponding quantitative mathematical, physical and technical methods and the computer software for the decision of engineering material science problems;
  • To provide quality of materials and products;
  • To use technical literature and other sources of information in the field of materials science effectively;
  • To work in group on large engineering projects in the field of materials science;
  • Use practical engineering skills in solving professional tasks;
  • To apply modern methods of mathematical and physical modelling, research of structure, physical, mechanical, functional and technological properties for the decision of material science problems;
  • To organize work according to the requirements of life safety and labor protection;
  • To carry out research robots in the field of materials science, to process and analyze the results of experiments;
  • To take into account social, environmental, ethical, economic and commercial considerations that affect the implementation of technical solutions
  • Identify environmentally hazardous and harmful factors of professional activity through preliminary analysis and adjust the content of activities to prevent negative impact on the environment;
  • To comply with the requirements of industry regulations;
  • To understand the structure of metallic, non-metallic, composite and functional materials and to choose the best methods of modification of their properties;
  • Skillfully choose materials for products for various purposes;
  • To use in professional activity experimental methods of research of structural, physical and mechanical, electrophysical, magnetic, optical and technological properties;
  • To use methods of physical and mathematical modeling when creating new and improving existing materials, technologies of their production;
  • To carry out technological support of manufacturing of materials and products from them;
  • Describe the sequence of preparation of products and calculate the economic efficiency of production of materials and products made of them;
  • To use methods of analysis of substances, materials and corresponding processes with correct interpretation of results;
  • Master methods of material quality assurance and control.

International students who have come to study lungee in Ukraine may hold positions after completing a full course: 

  • Specialist in verifying the quality of raw materials and finished products;
  • Designer of technological processes;
  • Specialist in the choice of material and processing technology;
  • Specialist in support of technological processes;
  • Specialist of central plant and research laboratories;
  • Can work as engineering and technical workers of enterprises and organizations associated with obtaining and processing of metal and non-metallic materials.

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