Medical education provides high-quality training for foreign students who came to study abroad, and has become an important component of health care reform and the implementation of social priorities of the state, since the quality of medical care for the country’s population depends on the level of training of future dentists.

The modern development of medical science and practice necessitates making adjustments to the training and professional development of medical workers with the approximation of their education to international standards.

Specialists, after studying abroad in the field of medicine in the field of “Dentistry”, are able to carry out the diagnostic process, determine the leading symptoms and syndromes, determine the preliminary diagnosis, conduct differential diagnostics, formulate the final clinical diagnosis of dental diseases under the supervision of the head physician, and know the principles of treatment and prevention dental diseases, treat major dental diseases.

After graduating abroad in Ukraine under the educational program “Dentistry”, foreign students receive the degree of:

  • Bachelor of Dentistry;
  • Master of Dentistry;
  • Qualification Dentist.

After passing training abroad in Ukraine, industry specialists are capable of implementing such professional duties:

  • Solving complex tasks and problems in the field of healthcare in the specialty “Dentistry” in professional activities;
  • Establishing a clinical diagnosis of dental disease;
  • Planing and carrying out measures for the prevention of diseases of organs and tissues of the oral cavity and maxillofacial region;
  • Analyzing the epidemiological state and carrying out mass and individual, general and local drug and non-drug prevention of dental diseases;
  • Determining the tactics of conducting a dental patient with somatic pathology;
  • Treating major dental diseases;
  • Keeping medical records;
  • Separating and identifying leading clinical symptoms and syndromes using preliminary data from the patient’s history, examination data of the patient, knowledge about the person, his organs and systems, establishing a probable nosological or syndromic preliminary clinical diagnosis of a dental disease;
  • Collecting information about the general condition of the patient, evaluate the psychomotor and physical development of the patient, the state of the organs of the maxillofacial region;
  • Determining the final clinical diagnosis;
  • Diagnosing emergency conditions;
  • Determining the nature of the treatment of dental disease by making an informed decision on existing algorithms and standard schemes;
  • Determining the nature, principles of the regime of work, rest and the necessary diet during the treatment of dental diseases on the basis of a previous or final clinical diagnosis;
  • Treating major dental diseases;
  • Performing medical manipulations based on preliminary and final clinical diagnosis.

Foreign students who came to study abroad in Ukraine, after completing the full course, can occupy the following positions: Dentist.

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