How to get a residence permit in Ukraine?


Those who pass the maze will be able to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine.


You bought a ticket. You got on the plane.

Take-off landing. Passed border control. And already in Ukraine.

What are you thinking about? Expectations.


Of course, if you are a foreign citizen who came to Ukraine as a tourist or to visit relatives, then you are unlikely to stay for more than 3 months.


Other people who come for various purposes: to get an education, start a business, have a course of treatment, fly with anticipation. That everything will be fine and everything will work out for them.


And now you are in Ukraine. You will not notice how 2 months will pass.

From this moment, you will have only 7 days to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine. It’s good if you know about it. Otherwise, you will definitely violate the regime of stay in Ukraine.


And what will you do? Like everyone else, start looking for someone who “will help you with TRP.”


I do not know of cases when a foreigner in Ukraine does not find a person who will “help” him to resolve the issue of obtaining a residence permit.



Found. You give him money, documents. And he promises that everything will work out and it will take only a couple of days to wait.

What do you think? What is the likelihood that you will not lose your money in such a scenario?

Exactly. It almost always ends with a trip home.

To get consultation


Get consultation


But you still keep the hope associated with Ukraine.

Second try. Back in Ukraine. This time you have experience, although not the best, but still.

Who issues the documents? Migration Service. We turn to them.


You come to the Migration Service of Ukraine. At the consultation, you will find out that there are various options for submitting documents for obtaining a TRP in Ukraine.


But the migration service is a state authority that accepts and reviews documents. Then he decides whether to issue it or not.


You are told that in case “A” you need such a package of documents, in case “B” – nth, and in case “C” – nth. And you leave the consultation with questions, but definitely not answers.


So, if you are a foreigner who came to Ukraine and want to stay for a year, 3 years, or your whole life. What do you need to do?


1. Contact lawyers

Do you know a person who deals with documents and will definitely help?

What is the likelihood that he understands the migration laws of Ukraine? Follows changes in immigration law?


2. Contact lawyers who specialize in Immigration Law

Lawyers study laws. They know exactly what to do to get a residence permit in Ukraine.


3. Participate in the process

In Ukraine, foreign citizens always personally submit documents for obtaining a residence permit to the Migration Service.



This cannot be done either by power of attorney or by mail.

Lawyers can prepare documents for applying. To be present with you when you apply. But they cannot apply for you.


We recommend that you contact our company ONESTEP Consulting.

Our office is located in the center of Kyiv, so that it is as convenient for you to come to us as possible.


During the consultation you will learn:

  • What are the programs for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship of Ukraine;
  • What to do step by step;
  • How much is it.


Consultations in our company are free, so even if everything is fine with you and your friend has checked the documents, come to us for a consultation.


Maximum state the fee for applying documents to the Migration Service is about $ 80.


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