Life after the Quarantine

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“The best way to predict the future is to create it,” – Peter Drucker

The world has changed.

The spread of COVID-19 has demonstrated the vulnerability of states in controlling the infections. The virus has showed to what extent the countries are unable to fight jointly against an invisible enemy – fatal diseases.


People are advised to stay home and go out only when it is necessary to buy food and medicines. Those who do go out wear protective masks and gloves. Practically all citizens are forbidden to work over the period of the quarantine.


We have never seen the world like this. When people have begun to fear healthy people. Nobody is leaving house. The whole world is holding its breath waiting for the pandemic to be over.


And it may seem that the measures introduced are much greater than necessary. But the rate of spread of the disease is too high, and the score is hundreds of thousands of people. In an attempt to contain the virus, the states have made an audacious move – they have introduced isolation.


Hoping to stop the spread of the disease, a lot of countries have closed their borders and shut down businesses. Schools, universities, movie theatres, shopping malls, business centers, and thousands of enterprises more are closed.


Economists have already estimated that the consequences of such isolation will cost too much for each country. Many companies will not survive the protracted crisis, and people may lose their jobs.


The history teaches us that the world has seen many tragedies in the past; I am sure they will happen in the future, too. The spread of the disease will pass off, as have all previous outbreaks of diseases. And already now we need to plan what to do next. After the epidemic a crisis will come. And there will be a dire need for highly qualified specialists at enterprises, for restoring the economy of the states.


Everyone now has time to reconsider the view of life and economic processes which existed earlier. The time has appeared for you to choose your future profession and make every effort to obtain it.


It is impossible to live without hope for the future. Abandoning the hope today to fulfill your dream of becoming an architect or a banker, you may miss the opportunity which will determine your future.


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Author: Igor Chornysh

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