Life in Ukraine

All capitals of the world are alike. And Kyiv is not an exception to this. It is as speedy, noisy and full of opportunities as other capitals on our planet.

Every morning, millions of people rush to work, and the city perks up. After all, it is the people who live in it that make it unlike other cities.

When confronted with the Ukrainians for the first time, you can feel national tolerance for different religions, and easily find either Orthodox and Catholic temples, or mosques and synagogues.

Secondary education is free in Ukraine. And nearly 100% of children receive complete secondary education.

After leaving the school the applicants may enter and receive higher education at no charge. Therefore, the level of scholarship of population is one of the highest on the Earth.

Your can talk with the Ukrainians about painting, science, culture, religion, and be surprised that this people with a millennial history and culture continues to fill itself with knowledge.

In public transport, you can easily see people with books, magazines in their hands. And both children and adults.

Ukraine has adopted a great number of reforms in recent decades, laying the groundwork for the development of the largest country in Europe. The population is actively helping in this by creating supervisory councils and public organizations, responding quickly to any kind of violations. This gives an opportunity to feel secure.

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Ukraine is a quickly developing country which strives forward

Of all others, the Ukrainians are so unlike other nations:

Steve Wozniak

has Ukrainian roots, and comes to his father’s homeland every year. He and Steve Jobs founded Apple.

Igor Sikorsky

was born in Kyiv. He founded Sicorski Air Engineering company which manufactures one of the best helicopters in the world.

Max Levchin

was born in Kyiv; leaving the family at the age of 16, he at 27 already founded the world’s most famous payment system – PayPal.

Stephen Spielberg

the world-famous film-maker was born in the USA, his family stems from Odesa. In the Stephen’s family, Ukrainian was often spoken.

Ukraine is in Top 10 of leading countries in the sphere of software development.

Business has pushed up to the next level; the companies are keen not only to be the best in the market, but also respond to customers’ criticisms.

Each day Ukraine is visited by tourists. Sometimes, as you stroll along the high streets of the city on weekends, you despite yourself start to feel like a tourist. There will be foreign language coming from everywhere; in every cafe you can meet representatives of other countries.

With what else can Ukraine surprise? With its spirit. The Ukrainians do not tolerate injustice. They are stubbornly reluctant to live in the past, and prove internationally that they are better than how the international media represent them.

Sport is developed at a professional level. The Ukrainians establish themselves as leaders in the professional sport.

Transportation – world leader in design of “Antonov” aircrafts which possess unique flight characteristics.

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