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Companies need specialists in logistics. This is especially true when it involves companies engaged in transportation.

In the process of globalization of the world economy, the transportation of goods has become in demand, and at the same time, there are tasks to organize effective ways of delivery with minimum expenses and time consumption. Specialists who know how to solve such problems are called logistics specialists. Every year in the world more and more money is spent to improve the quality and control of resource flows.


Demand and prospects

Universities offer a large number of different programs for study, but the area of Logistics is particularly popular. The demand for qualified employees in this field is constantly increasing. Salaries of such employees are at an average or high level.

The vast majority of specialists in this field apply their knowledge working in companies engaged in production, trade, storage services, transportation, etc. Logistics specialists are involved in activities related to contracting with various companies, cargo transportation, and storage organizations and rationalizing the costs related to these processes.


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Besides, education in the field of logistics gives the graduate a clear vision of how to create his or her own profitable business in transportation and delivery of goods, both at the regional and international levels.

«ONESTEP Consulting», provides the necessary assistance to applicants for higher education in Logistics. Our specialists support foreign students by accompanying them and advising them during the preparation and submission of the necessary documents, which in turn simplifies application abroad and allows getting an education in logistics in the best universities of the country.


Advantages of education

The career of a logistics specialist is based on the quality management of material, financial, and information resources of the company. Such responsibility has a positive impact on the specialist himself, making him a professional:

  • In the process of negotiations;
  • Who understands the most rational transportation schemes;
  • Who has a clear understanding of modern software such as “SAP”;
  • In the field of communication with suppliers, etc.


Logistics education is a fun activity that opens up great prospects for the student.


You can study for a degree in logistics at a foreign university. We will help you with the process of preparing documents for the application and education.

We will be glad to see you among our clients.

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