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Information-a collection of facts about the world around us. The word can be interpreted in many different ways, but in any of the existing meanings it is always extremely important and contributes to human development. At this stage, it is not enough just one word information to characterise many kinds of things separately, but one of the most common types of information today comes from media.


Demand for employees in the media industry

Studying in the field of mass media allows to become one of those who daily saturate our world with new knowledge about events around us through special facilities such as television, internet, radio and others. People regularly use devices that allow them to be informed by reading or watching news sources.


Authoritative information providers, which constantly deliver only the latest news from around the world to their auditory, have an audience of many millions. Corporations with a good rating are willing to recruit talented and highly educated individuals to keep the quality of the content they offer and the organization growing.


The company “ONESTEP Consulting” offers its assistance to people who want to get quality education in the media educational program. We provide full support in collecting documents for admission, accommodation, legalisation of stay in the country. With us, the education of dreams becomes available.


Advantages of working in the media

Availability of education in the field of mass media makes it possible to take an attractive position in prestigious corporations, companies and other organisations involved in the relevant field of activity. Such work is interesting and varied. The main advantages of the profession in the media may include:

  • A fascinating work process;
  • The opportunity to travel frequently (depending on the position);
  • Decent salary;
  • Absolute freedom of action during the work process;
  • The opportunity to work at home.


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In addition, those who work in their profession, after completing the media programme, will have to communicate frequently with people from all over the world who communicate in foreign languages and also have completely different cultural backgrounds. This diversity makes it possible to learn something new all the time.


ONESTEP Consulting is a team of specialists willing to help foreign citizens start their media studies at universities abroad. In the process of supporting applicants, we actively participate in the collection of documents, both for the start of studies and for legalisation of stay in the country. Call us and get more information about the list of services we provide.


Employment opportunities and assigned tasks

After completing higher education in the media, employment prospects become very broad. Thus, a person with this specialisation has the opportunity to try:

  • Journalism, being hired by national television;
  • Famous magazines including not only fashion magazines but also various other publications related to science, finance, etc.;
  • Working in radio stations.


Having enough knowledge in this field, it is possible even to start your own business, for example, by covering the latest news in the world, by creating your own website and, in the long-term perspective even something more. ONESTEP Consulting offers assistance in applying to universities for applicants wishing to take media studies programs abroad. To find out more details about the services, please call us.

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