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Selecting a country for obtaining a residence permit:

More than ever before

More than 272 million

worldwide are migrants

Over USD 689 billion

The volume of international remittances to families per year

More than 3 million

Number of international migrants per year

1 in 30

In the world for every 30 people, 1 of them is a migrant


Reasons for obtaining a residence permit

The world is full of possibilities. People move to new countries for them to get education, work, meet with their relatives.

Belief in a better life abroad makes a person move forward. The strongest argument for immigration is better living conditions.

The same point applies to the best conditions for their children: the best medicine, the best education, safety, observance of rights and freedoms in the new country.

Migration is always a unique opportunity for a person to get a better life today.

You do not need to get a visa

A residence permit is a document that is issued to a foreign citizen.

With a residence permit, you can legally stay in the country.

You will not need to obtain visas to cross the border during the validity period of the residence permit.

When arriving in the country and leaving abroad, you will have a simplified procedure for passing border control, in comparison with foreign citizens who arrived on a visa.

With this document, you can come whenever you want and spend as much time with your family as you need.

Before the expiration of the residence permit, you must apply for the extension of the residence permit. So, you will be able to further enjoy the benefits of a residence permit when crossing the border.


The benefits of immigration

Migration creates incredible benefits for migrants, their families and countries of origin.

The positive effects of migration and residence permits go beyond the economic impact and often include improvements in other aspects of human development such as education and health care.

An increase in the income of migrants can also lead to a significant improvement in the well-being and development of their families.

With a residence permit, migrants earn more abroad than they could earn doing similar work in their home country.

According to a World Bank report, migrants from poorer countries, on average, after moving to a developed country, have experienced:


increase in income

Doubling coverage

of school education


reduction in child mortality

5 steps to obtain a residence permit:

  • 01

    Sign up for a consultation

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    Sign up for a consultation

  • 03

    Pay for services

  • 04

    Apply for a residence permit

  • 05

    Obtain a residence permit

Migration is the best way to make your life better!

Migration is always a unique opportunity for a person.
Many people had fears when they thought about changing their country of residence, realizing their opportunities in a new place.

We want to show you those people who made the right decision, changing their place of residence and making their life better abroad.

These are people like: Jonathan Ive, Steven Spielberg, Sergey Brin, Madonna, Jan Koum, Jackie Chan, Ralph Lauren and many others.


Elon Musk

Inventor, engineer, business tycoon. Founder and head of Space X, Tesla, SolarCity, PayPal.

RSA > Canada > USA
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Dalai Lama

He survived a lot of tests, dreams of creating a zone of peace and without violence, the harmony of man and nature.

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The person is a brand, the queen of pop music, her songs do not leave the hit parades and set the direction in the world music industry.

USA > Great Britain
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Sergey Brin

Is a genius, scientist, the richest immigrant in America and the founder of one of the largest companies in the world – Google

Russia > USA
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Steven Spielberg

Is four-time winner of the “Oscar”, 20 of the highest-grossing films collected at the box office 8.4 billion dollars

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Jonathan Ive

Is the greatest designer of the 21st century, the creator of the appearance of iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, iPod, iPhone and iPad.

England > USA
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Period of validity of the residence permit

Residence permits in different countries are issued for different periods of validity.

To obtain a residence permit, you need to have a basis: work, education, family. The validity period of the residence permit will depend on this.

As a rule, the residence permit is valid for 1 year.

If you submit a package of documents on the basis of a work permit, you can receive a residence permit for the entire period of validity of the work permit, but for no more than 3 years.

After submitting documents for a residence permit card, the Migration Service will check the documents for correctness.

The package of documents that you submit must be drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Migration Service.

After checking the documents, you will receive a notification of readiness and will be able to obtain a residence permit.

Why do people turn to «ONESTEP Consulting» for help?

We understand what difficulties a foreign citizen may face at the stages:

  • Choosing a program for obtaining a residence permit;
  • Arrival in a new country;
  • Submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit;
  • Language barrier;
  • Cultural characteristics.

We take a careful approach to fulfilling our obligations to our clients. The result is important to us.

You will get the best service. Our lawyers will do their best to ensure that you can obtain a residence permit.

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