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Transport is essential to keep people’s activities running in many spheres. Over time, its types become more modern, sophisticated and multitasked. Almost all businesses need transport, and most people use some form of transport every day. Due to the high need for transport, there is both a great demand for transport and the necessity to have a quality service that can provide all the required assistance in its maintenance.

ONESTEP Consulting provides services for those foreign citizens who want to receive quality education in transport at foreign universities. A professional team will help you with all questions that arise during the application process. The proper support of our employees will save you time and make the process of starting education much easier.


For whom this sphere is suitable…

Getting a professional education in the field of transport is worthwhile for those who like to spend hours studying the structure of cars and generally like mechanics. This kind of profession implies constant involvement in:

  • Working with complex mechanics;
  • Testing processes for the reliability and performance of devices;
  • Repair and modernisation of technically complex systems, etc.


Work of this type cannot be carried out without meetings with colleagues. Professions of this type include a lot of communication in the work process. If a person likes teamwork, where each of the colleagues plays an important role in achieving common goals, then higher education in the Transport area will be an excellent choice.


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ONESTEP Consulting has good experience in helping applicants to universities abroad. We offer professional support to those who wish to receive education in the field of Automobile Transport. With us, the admission process becomes easier. Our employees provide assistance in collecting documents to legalise the stay of foreign citizens in the country. For more information, please contact us.


Professional learning and prospects

The production and maintenance of cars requires serious preparation of those who plan to do so. Due to continuous improvement in technology, positions in the technical field of transport require only competent people. Such specialists must not only understand many complex processes, but also have an idea of how they can be improved.


With a technical education in the field of transport, it is possible to obtain the necessary knowledge which is necessary to be able to work effectively in positions related to repair and development of various types of transport. Your specialisation will allow you to work:

  • In factories;
  • In car repair shops;
  • At home.


Positions can be very diverse. From the person directly involved in the technical process to the person overseeing the production. This kind of education makes it easy to find a job and be in demand on the labour market, to have a good salary and ensure a stable future as well.


ONESTEP Consulting is for your well-being and always ready to help you get the education of your dreams. We help foreign applicants during their application to universities to get education in the field of transport. Our employees provide useful advice, offer professional consultations, help collect the necessary documents and much more. We are here for your success. Get in touch with us and find out more.

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