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Construction helps people improve their comfort level. Absolutely everywhere, construction plays a major role in the creation of living and development-friendly areas. Thanks to the building development, large cities, factories, roads, etc., appear. A builder, being the main participant of such processes, must be familiar with all the details of such work, also a professional must be able to carry out projects without harm to people and the environment.


ONESTEP Consulting is able to provide expert support to applicants during their entry into the programme of studies, to obtain a higher education as a construction engineer at a foreign university. Contact us and we will help you deal with all the difficulties related to the collection of documents and application process.


Positions and duties of the Construction Engineer

The construction of facilities is a difficult and time-consuming process, which requires the use of a large number of sophisticated equipment and the use of modern technology. Only experts should be involved in this kind of work. With sufficient knowledge, it is possible to get a position in one of the major construction companies that will allow you to have a decent salary and prospects for career growth.


In addition to a good salary, work in the construction industry itself may involve interesting and diverse activities, both within and outside the country. If we are talking about a Construction Engineer, it is usually means duties:

  • Control of work progress;
  • Checking for compliance with the standards of work performed;
  • Checking the documents related to the construction;
  • Participation in the process of making important decisions on changing project details, etc.


Organisations responsible for construction are always interested in hiring good engineers, as they are the ones who are able to increase the productivity of the workforce, the quality of work performed, the costs of implementing the facility, the deadlines for its realization, etc. A specialist of this class acts as a guarantee that the company will not suffer losses by spending money on unnecessary construction materials and services.

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At the moment, education in sphere of construction is in demand, especially for people who are qualified in construction and know modern ways of carrying out construction works. ONESTEP Consulting is helping foreign citizens to complete training programmes in construction abroad and to become a competent specialist, who will be willingly accepted into many organisations.


Prospects for work in the construction sector

Studying Construction at universities abroad provides an opportunity to get a job, which involves participation in the construction of interesting objects for various purposes in construction companies, private and public. Education in the field of construction is a chance to be hired by companies involved in multi-million projects, which implement the most advanced and safe solutions for building innovative buildings.


Higher education in the field of construction can be an excellent way of self-realisation for those who are interested in work whose task is to implement the ideas of engineering thought.


ONESTEP Consulting is ready to be a confident assistant and reliable support when applying for a degree in Construction by foreign citizens to university. Our team will do the necessary work to collect the required documents and thus save you time and energy.

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