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Design is driven by fashion trends and constantly changes over time. Any product ever made by man has its own unique shapes and contours. It is often that design becomes the object of attention when choosing a car, clothes, devices, etc. Good design is not only beautiful, but also practical, that is why it is so important that a person who makes design understands all the subtleties which make it possible to create comfortable and useful things.


ONESTEP Consulting is an “experienced assistant” in helping foreign citizens to apply to university, to study design abroad.


Why is the profession of Designer in demand?

As already mentioned, absolutely all things have their own unique look. Some of them do not represent anything special and are structured according to the principle of logic and simplicity, while others, such as the body of a car, which is not only beautiful but also has to have excellent aerodynamic properties because of its purpose, is usually distinguished by the fact that its design takes into account the important laws of physics about resistance force and body weight. Such work, which takes into account many aspects, is called the design process.


It often requires decades for companies that develop something to create and implement an optimal design for:

  • Equipment;
  • Techniques;
  • Clothes, etc.


Such timeframes are dictated by the need to ensure that the normal user is able to enjoy the product, with adequate comfort and safety. The designer has to consider the smallest details. For example, the design of smartphones implies placing function keys in such a way that each of them can be reached with the finger of the hand in which the device is held. When it comes to shoes, for example, in addition to their unique appearance, they must ensure maximum comfort for the legs while being worn, without harming health.


ONESTEP Consulting provides professional help and support for applicants wishing to study design abroad. Our experienced employees not only help with the collection of documents, but also easily resolve the issue of accommodation.


To whom the Designer profession is suitable…

Studying design is a fascinating process. By becoming a professional designer, a person can realise themselves in companies and corporations that produce various things. Studying in the field of design is worthwhile for those who like to pay attention to details.


If a person knows that he or she can improve the world by changing the existing appearance of things available on the market for consumers, and his or her vision allows him or her to do this many times with products of completely different purposes, the person should definitely receive a higher education in design.


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Prospects for employment

After studying Design at universities abroad, a graduate opens up a wide range of employment opportunities in many areas including:

  • Modern technologies;
  • Industry;


In accordance with the specifics of education, it is also possible to work in the field of health care. A designer is a creative person. The work of a specialist in this sphere is important and well paid. The success of a company’s new product often depends on the quality of the work of specialists of this kind. It is interesting and relevant to be a designer.


ONESTEP Consulting is an “expert” in helping foreign applicants enter universities for the Design programme. Please give us a call and find out more.

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