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Tourism is a whole industry that allows to get familiar with the culture of all peoples of the world. Travelling around the world is now possible almost anywhere in the world. People often spend holidays or deserved vacations, abroad or at some distance from home.


Some people prefer the cold climate and go to the mountains, others like the beaches with very clean sand and transparent water. All this together suggests tourism and it is not unusual for those who wish to have a rest to stay in hotels, use the advice of specialists in the development of routes, etc… Each of the activities associated with travel needs professionals for their success and to help people organize an unforgettable, fun and interesting vacation.


The company “ONESTEP Consulting” gives the opportunity to realise your goals. We provide assistance in applying foreign citizens to foreign universities for the study program Tourism. Our experienced employees provide professional assistance and save time for applicants. We greatly simplify the process of collecting and submitting applications for the study programme Tourism abroad. Contact us and find out more.


Relevance of professions in the sphere of Tourism

In the current time, the world economy is already very interconnected and the countries of the whole planet are actively looking for ways to unite with each other. On the background of such activity, the population of all countries have a great opportunity, easily, simply and relatively inexpensively, to spend a few weeks or even months in almost every state.


Thanks to simplified border control systems, many people very often travel to neighbouring countries even on weekends to take a little walk in new places. This trend is increasing every year, and with it the number of tourism opportunities is also increasing. Those who are involved in the tourism industry can be referred to:

  • Companies involved in passenger transportation;
  • Hotel chains;
  • Restaurant chains;
  • Travel agencies, etc.


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For whom education in Tourism is suitable?

Each of the companies that provide the opportunity for people to spend their holidays both inside and outside the country is on the list of companies related to Tourism. They employ many different specialists, but one of the most important is the experts educated in the sphere of Tourism. They choose strategies and products that will be interesting to tourists and thus act as those on whom depends the success of the company.


This market is open to creative and energetic people who know how to have fun and know how to make your holiday time unforgettable. After graduating from higher education in tourism, it is possible to find jobs in large companies and small agencies, as well as any other organizations involved in this field.


Work related to Tourism is exciting and varied. Depending on the position, after completing the Tourism study program, there will be a lot of work to do:

  • To communicate often with people;
  • Create the most attractive travel programs;
  • Engage in market analysis to identify the interests of tourists, etc.


The company “ONESTEP Consulting” offers its assistance to foreign applicants wishing to study Tourism at universities abroad. Our support allows you to focus on learning and fully engage in achieving the desired heights in education.

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