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New life. A child is born. Every day he gets bolder.

He begins to get acquainted with the world. He grows and gains knowledge empirically.

The first attempts to speak. To take steps.

The parents take care of the child. So that he can find himself. So that he can shape his character. So that he can find himself.

School. Various subjects and difficulties of adolescence. Cognition of the world through knowledge and science.

And looking back, you understand that the child is already 17 years old.

Value of studying abroad - ONESTEP Education

One of the most important stages in life is to gain special knowledge.

The best option is to get an education abroad.

This will give you unique opportunities in life:

  • to gain international experience,
  • to make big money,
  • to be a part of society.

Our clients are people who need both help and support in getting education abroad.

Why Ukraine?

More than 40 million people live in Ukraine.

Following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine inherited one of the most powerful resources – the educational system.

Every year, more than 60 thousand foreign citizens choose Ukraine to study abroad.

Ukraine is the “global factory” of programmers, engineers, and medical staff.

The globalization has made it possible to buy goods in China, the USA, and EU countries without leaving home. And this gave an incredible impetus to training of logistics specialists.

People’s desires to possess property are strengthened every year, which stimulates to produce more and more. How to manage it without engineers?

The opportunity to visit various countries has formed a demand for tourist, hotel and restaurant directions.

Why Ukraine? - ONESTEP Education

It is impossible to take a look into the future. But if we look back, we can see that everything that happened to us was necessary to achieve certain goals. The same rule applies to education.

The knowledge and skills gained over the years of study will not disappear without a trace.

I provide only those services that I would like to receive for my child:

  • Invitation to study abroad in a higher educational institution.
  • Meeting at the airport. Accommodation at the hotel.
  • Escort service upon admission to a higher educational institution.

I am very hard on my work. Study abroad may seem like a difficult prospect for a young applicant.

Therefore, I am doing everything to ensure that my client takes only one step to achieve the goal.

Following the first application, I prepare a client card, where all correspondence, comments and documents are recorded. I am also happy to help in choosing a university and specialty.

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The price of the services includes express delivery of documents to you for passing exams at a higher educational institution of Ukraine.

We also repeatedly agree with you the list of required documents for admission.

After arrival in Ukraine, I will meet a future student at the airport and deliver to a hotel in the center of Kyiv. I selected all hotels upon to strict criteria: price, furniture, location, security, availability of safe deposit box, reputation.

The day after the hotel check-in, I will meet with you again and we will check all the documents for submission.

Of course, we will translate the documents into Ukrainian and notarize them by ourselves.

In the course of admission, I will help fill out the forms, find out where to go and what to do. To pay tuition at the bank and accommodation in a student dormitory.

After enrollment to the university:

The main purpose of the university is to teach the student to think in new ways and see opportunities. These are the most valuable skills that will serve you well in life in any position.

And you can get all this by becoming a ONESTEP Consulting customer.

Author: Igor Chornysh

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