Have you received an invitation from the university? So, what to do next?

And then the citizens of the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Uzbekistan need to prepare documents forsubmission to the university abroad and plan a trip.

When crossing the border of Ukraine, you must provide the original or a copy of the “Invitation to study abroad” as proof of the purpose of arrival in Ukraine.

The citizens of all other countries, whether it is the United States or Iraq, shall contact the Ukrainian Embassy in your region to apply for a “D” visa with the aim of study abroad in Ukraine. To obtain a “D” visa, you must submit documents to the Consulate of Ukraine in your country according to the list given on the website of the Embassy.

The list of documents must include the original “Invitation to study abroad in Ukraine”.

In addition, we draw your attention to the fact that the documents on education must be officially certified in a manner adopted in your country prior to their submission to the consulate.

Namely, they shall be legalized in the Ministry of Education + Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Embassy of Ukraine. Or certified by “Apostille” stamp.

Your documents must be officially recognized in Ukraine so that the Ukrainian university can give you a diploma after graduation abroad in Ukraine.

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List of documents required to get D visa

  • Passport document, which must meet the following requirements:
    • To be valid for at least 3 months after the declared date of departure from the territory of Ukraine;
    • Contain at least 2 blank pages;
    • Be valid for no more than 10 years;
  • Completed and signed visa application form
  • One 35 x 45 mm color photo
  • A valid health insurance policy with cover of expenses for at least € 30,000 or equivalent in another currency, unless otherwise provided by legislation or international treaties of Ukraine
  • Documents confirming the availability of sufficient financial support for the period of the first planned trip to Ukraine
  • A document confirming the payment of the consular fee
  • Invitation to study (internship) issued by a higher education institution and registered in the manner prescribed by the Ministry of Education and Science

This visa entitles the prospective student to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine on the basis of study abroad and to legally stay in Ukraine during the period of studies at the university.


All "Invitations to study abroad in Ukraine" issued by universities are subject to mandatory registration with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine prior to their issue to the applicants.

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